Yesterday I came across this pairing Weel for the combination of wine and cheese.

Everybody wonders sometimes:

Does this wine go well with fish or can i drink this red wine with chicken?

In general these questions are easily overcome. But when it comes to desert it gets harder.

What do I serve with my cheesplate?

Do I serve Port or do we stay with wine? And if we do.. which wine?

In general the chard stands, but there are plenty exeptions.

This could be usefull if you are beginning to appreciate this match made in heaven and you want to explore “new” combinations.

Consider this a hint, certainly not a guidelines or a set of rules because fortunately “taste” is subjective to a degree.

Wine cheese pairing weel

The old school of thought (and my personal favorite) used to be to pair cheese with red wines.

Now white wines tend to be more cheese friendly because of their lack of tannins and they are often cleaner and simpler.

Votes please 😉