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Ratatouille originated in Burgundy?



This is Bernard Loiseau’s famous Restaurant in Saulieu (just 15 kilometer from Chissey) it was a 3 star in his time.

Sadly Chef Loiseau has passed away. But the restaurant is still very very famous..

Bernard and his abilities as a chef were the inspiration for the Disney movie Ratatouille! (source: Pinterest:  Bob Trimble).


And you are looking for the recipe?

Ratatouille is usually served as a side dish.

But Ratatouille can also be served as a meal on its own.

It makes a superb combination with pasta, rice or even bread (make that une baquette, french bread).


 Tomatoes are a key ingredient, garliconionscourgette (zucchini), aubergine (eggplant), bell peppersmarjoram and basil, or bay leaf and thyme, or a mix of green herbs like herbes de Provence.


There is much debate on how to make a traditional ratatouille. One method is to simply sauté all of the vegetables together.

Sautéing is a form of dry-heat cooking that uses a very hot pan and a small amount of fat to cook the food very quickly. Like other dry-heat cooking methods, sautéing browns the food’s surface as it cooks and develops complex flavors and aromas.

Julia Child and Joël Robuchon

Some cooks, including Julia Child, insist on a layering approach, where the aubergine and the courgette are sautéed separately, while the tomatoes, onion, garlic and bell peppers are made into a sauce.

The ratatouille is then layered in a casserole – aubergine, courgette, tomato/pepper mixture – then baked in an oven.

A third method, favored by Joël Robuchon, is similar to the previous; however, the ingredients are not baked in an oven but rather recombined in a large pot and simmered.

Ratatouille is a dish extremely popular with dieters. This is because not only is it low in fat and calories, but high in nutrients…………..

Do try this at home 🙂

About us

Life is about sharing good times. We love to share our passion for Burgundy France.

This blog is about our second home in Chissey en Morvan, natural reserve park and the things we like.

Cheese, wine, good food, hiking, biking, horseriding you name it.. we like it. And moreover you can find it in the area of the Natural reserve park, join us.

Next to renting out our cottage we would like to transfer this friendly French “virus” and introduce you to this enticing area of France. It will shape your view of the area..

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Touchy French and talkative Americans

How can you tell an American from a Frenchman?

Make him count 1,2,3,4,… : the American will start with the little finger and end with the thumb, the Frenchman just the opposite.

Make him walk : the American will move his arms and take a lot of space, the Frenchman will be much stiffer.

Make him hug : the American will look as if he was afraid of bad breath, stay as far as possible and give big hits on the back of the other person ; the Frenchman , like the Spanish with his abrazo, will actually TOUCH the body of the other person and act as if he was enjoying it

Put him in an elevator : the American will talk (the French will try to avoid any eye contact)

Make him (and particularly, make her) laugh and hear and see the difference in the level of noise and in muscular activity…

Make him say “everything is OK” : he will form a circle joining thumb and index (in French, this gesture means : “zero”)

Enjoy a meal with him : he will put his bread on his plate (the French put it on the table) ans his hands on his thighs (the French put them on the table)

Why do the French seem rude even when they’re not ?
Body language and intonation. French body language is very expressive. There’s some physical gesture for almost any emotion and when the emotion is exasperation or anger, it shows even when there are no words. French intonation, to a non-French speaking person, makes the French sound angry even when two Frenchmen are only discussing the World Cup or the latest Social Security reform or the taste of Paris tap water. This simple fact explains most American anecdotes about the French being rude with them.

Solution : 1. Learn French Body Language 2. Learn French !
DID YOU KNOW THAT ….? The French touch each other a lot ! According to a study quoted by Le Figaro Madame (May 3, 2003) a study on heterosexual couples seated at a terrace established the number of contacts at 110 per half-hour as compared to 2 for Americans ! Look how ex President Sarkozy behaves, always touching the shoulder, the neck, the arm of the people he is talking to…

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